Our Work - Advanced Treatment Solutions

ATS System Tanks

Whether you have a small project or you need a large stormwater management program, CWT can assist you in the following areas:

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

CWT will work with you to implement the most suitable BMPs for your site (operational, structural, treatment, or erosion and sediment control). CWT is on top of the stormwater industry and can provide current insight on the most effective and efficient BMPs and techniques for your site, project or program.

Flocculant Treatment

CWT uses a variety of passive (PTS) and active (ATS) treatment techniques that use a flocculant to treat contaminated or highly turbid water. Flocculant treatment becomes very important when trying to achieve difficult water quality standards as well as trying to keep project in compliance during very wet periods.

Microbial Treatment

Another technique in CWT's tool chest is using biological nanotechnology to address hydrocarbons, FOGs, and other pollutants. These BMPs can significantly reduce maintenance and clean up costs while having no adverse affect on water quality or the enviroment.

To learn more or if you have specific questions related to CWT's Advanced Treatment Solutions, please Contact Us.